Certified Newborn Care Specialist -         Desiree L. Nessline
~ FAQ's~
QWhat is the difference between a night nanny and a newborn care specialist/baby nurse?
A: A night nanny will usually have no formal training and generally has very limited experience. She will have no formal infant sleep training skills and will not be as qualified to offer the extent of comprehensive newborn care. 
 A newborn care specialist/ baby nurse is skilled in infant care and will provide insightful guidance with all aspects of infant care, product and nutritional recommendations and breastfeeding support. A newborn care specialist/baby nurse will also have newborn/infant sleep training skills that will ensure healthy sleep habits for your baby. This means more sleep for baby and more sleep for the parents!
QHow long can I expect to have a newborn care specialist/baby nurse?
A: Depending on the needs of the family, it can be anywhere from a consultation, which lasts 2-3 hours up to 3 or more months. If you choose not to sleep train your baby, it can be up to a year or more.
Q: When do I need to book a newborn care specialist/baby nurse if I want nighttime care?
A: Our clients usually book us 3-7 months in advance of their due date. If you are in need of immediate care, please contact Desiree to discuss her availability for those last minute needs.
Q: Would I benefit from having a newborn care specialist/baby nurse if I am breastfeeding?
A: A newborn care specialist/baby nurse always supports the breastfeeding mother. She can also assist if any breastfeeding issues arise, such as problems with the latch. low milk supply, clogged milk ducts or any other breastfeeding issues.