Certified Newborn Care Specialist -         Desiree L. Nessline
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~ New Parents ~
Entering the world of parenthood is undoubtedly the most important and exciting time in your life. Whether you are pregnant and in need of education and support or if you are home with your baby and are needing some help, a newborn care specialist (aka baby nurse/ night nurse) is there for all of your baby care needs.
Newborn care specialist and infant sleep coach, Desiree Nessline, is highly skilled in infant care and will educate you with every aspect of your baby's care, so you will feel empowered as parents. She is also there to provide your family with guidance and support, assuring a smooth transition into parenthood.
I am honored to have had the pleasure of working with Desiree Nessline on two occasions.  Both of our daughters’ health, happiness and advanced development are all proof of Desiree’s outstanding abilities.  I highly recommend her to any family that is fortunate to hire her as their night nurse.  The Raskin Family Scottsdale, Az.
As your Baby Nurse/ Newborn Care Specialist, she will,
~ provide exceptional care for your baby;
teach you how to bottle &/or breastfeed your    baby, burp, bathe,dress and properly swaddle;
~ work with you to get your baby on an eat/awake/sleep schedule, which is vitally important for healthy sleep habits;
~ teach your baby how to sleep through the night, so that baby and you can be well rested, allowing you to enjoy this little miracle to the fullest; 
~ offer sound advice and help guide the family in the right direction, using her vast experience and knowledge, making sure this is the most exciting and enjoyable time in your life! 
Desiree Specializes in
  • Singletons                                                                                                 
  • Multiples
  • Preemies
  • Micro Preemies
  • Infant SleepTraining
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Reflux relief
  • Colic prevention
  • Infant scheduling and routines
and is experienced with
  •  Nasogastric tubes( NG tube)
  •  Apnea Monitors
  •  Oxygen Machines
  •  Post Partum Depression
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